SBLC/BG Lease and Purchase Offers

Current Lease Price: 6% + 2%
Current Purchase Price: 38% + 2%

Minimum contract value is 250 Million 

Upfront Fees:

  • No upfront fees are required or requested.

Issuing Banks:

  • Instruments are issued by Top 25 rated banks.
  • Clients can request a specific bank. If at all possible, the provider will accommodate that request. 

In order to have the clients application processed, the client must supply the following:

  1. DOA
  • A fully completed, signed and initialed DOA.
  • The DOA must be the DOA  we provide.
    (You can download the template by clicking on the appropriate link on the bottom of this newsletter)
  • The Procedure is not negotiable. (Please do not ask for changes.)

    Please note the following:

    • If the DOA  requires the delivery of the SBLC/BG in tranches, a tranche sheet must be attached to the DOA at time of submission of the DOA.
    • Minimum first tranche is 100 Million. Second tranche 150 Million.
    • Provider never moves first. Clients bank has to provide POF by SWIFT MT799.

       2. Reliance Letter

  • The Reliance Letter, signed by the client and the 2 indicated banking officers is mandatory.
    (We do not accept BLC, Soft Probe, Account Statement or confirmation of Line of Credit POF.)
  • In case of tranches, the Reliance Letter has to reflect at least the lease or purchase cost plus commissions for the first tranche.


  • Once the DOA is received from the client it is sent to the compliance department. If the application clears compliance, the DOA is sent to the provider for final processing and signature.
  • Once the counter signed DOA is sent to the client, the lease/sale proceeds according to the procedure.


  • Prices offered are fixed and will not be discounted except for wholesale orders with a value of over 10 Billion.


  • The commission structure is fixed and 0.33% of the instrument value is available to Agents.
    (Please do not contact us to ask for any explanation regarding this split percentage.)
  • If Agents wish a higher commission, they have to make a private side-agreement with the client who has to pay them directly.

If you have a client interested in purchasing or leasing a SBLC/BG based on our no upfront-fee procedure,
feel free to get the DOA here:

button obtain the lease doa

button obtain the purchase doa

CLICK here to contact us.

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