At least once each day, we speak with a client who tells us they lost money to scammers requesting Upfront fees in order to issue an SBLC/BG.

For every client being taken advantage of, there are triple the number of agents and clients trying to take advantage of the providers by:

  • Trying to lease or purchase financial instruments without having the funds to pay for them.
  • Clients wanting to change the signed DOA and the Provider move first with MT199 in order to activate their line of credit.
    (This is impossible and cannot happen.)
  • We had Agents submit fraudulent Application Documents without the knowledge and authorization of the supposed Signatory.

These attempts forced us to require change our Application Procedure and require certain documents.

We are offering Leased and Purchased SBLC/BG issued by Top Rated banks. The Provider takes all the risk and financially capable clients will have no problems providing the required information in order to receive their SBLC/BG, issued and delivered to their designated bank, in a risk free and secure manner.

The following are APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS and not to be confused with the Transaction Procedures:

To ensure success, please adhere strictly to the following steps:

  1. Check if the client's paying bank is acceptable to the Provider: >>> CLICK HERE TO CHECK <<<
  2. We require POL (Proof of Life) by the Signatory of the Application. (We need to know we are dealing with the actual Signatory)
    Option A: Photo of the Signatory holding his Passport with the picture page clearly visible or a photo of the Signatory holding a current newspaper with the date clearly visible. (POL is becoming increasingly required by regulatory agencies.)
    Option B: Signatory has the signature notarized on all signature pages and including the copy of the passport in the DOA.
    Notary should be a Licensed Notary located in the same country as the registration address of the client.
  3. We require POF (Proof of Funds). This could be a recent account statement of the paying account.
    * If payment is made from Active Line of Credit, we need to see that the credit is available to the client. (Application with Inactive Lines of Credit or applications requiring the Provider to move first by MT199 cannot be accepted.)
    * If other sort of funding is in play, we need to have confirmation of the source of funding.
    * All paying banks must be approved by the Provider.
  4. Monetizing the unpaid SBLC/BG and then use the funds generated by monetizing to pay for the SBLC/BG is not possible and is illegal.
    (If there is any suspicion this is the applicant's objective, the application will be rejected.)
  5. IMPORTANT:  POF or ACTIVE line of credit documentation is required to be submitted with ALL applications.

Should you or your client be unable or unwilling to provide th required information or to adhere to the steps outlined we will be unable to assist.

Thank you for your understanding.

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