SUGAR SPOT OFFER - PAYMENT BY DLC - 30 day payment delay

(Subject to availability. Allocations sold on a first come basis. Price subject to change without prior notice.)


SPOT Contracts - Payment by DLC / Deferred 30 Days
       QUANTITY               ICUMSA 45         ICUMSA 600      COMMISSION      OFFER #   
 12,500 Metric Ton  $375.00 / Metric Ton  Ask for quote   $12,500.00 MAKE SCO
   25,000 Metric Ton    $370.00 / Metric Ton  Ask for quote   $25,000.00 MAKE SCO
   50,000 Metric Ton  $365.00 / Metric Ton  Ask for quote   $50,000.00 MAKE SCO
  Only request prices or Quote if you have a real client. 
We do not discuss commissions!  Please don't waste our time


PROCEDURE for Payment by LC (Not negotiable):

  1. Buyer issues ICPO with Banking Co-Ordinates and verifiable POF
    POF Options:
       A.) BCL
       B.) Recent "Over the counter Tear-sheet signed by 2 Banking Officers with their PIN numbers.
       C.) Bank Letter from Bank to Buyer stating the Buyer has the financial capacity or a sufficient credit line to make the purchhase of USD XXXX.
             This letter must be signed by 2 Banking Officers with their PIN numbers.
  2. Seller issues Draft Contract, Buyer signs & returns. 
  3. Within 5 banking days after receiving the final Contract, the Buyer issues a LC with verbiage and issuing bank acceptable to the Seller.
  4. Within 15 days to 20 days of receipt of the LC acceptable to the Seller, loading of the vessel commences.
  5. After loading is completed Seller issues BL and other documents stipulated in the signed contract.
  6. Vessel departs to the destination port.
  7. 30 days after vessel departure, Seller cashes the LC.

PAYMENT TERMS (Not negotiable):

  1. Payment DLC at sight against documents.
  2. DLC must be issued by a top 50 rated bank and the verbiage must be acceptable to the Seller.

COMMISSION (Not negotiable):

Commission is USD 1.00 per Metric Ton. (Please do not contact us to discuss additional commissions or overpricing.)

No Overpricing.

  • There is no need to contact us for "higher commission" or "overpricing". None of it will happen.
  • Please only contact us after you have assured yourself that the buyer is prepared to move ahead with the purchase immediately. Buyer MUST provide ICPO and POF.
  • These offers are available while quantities last.
  • Commissions are fixed.

Thank you for your effort.

We wish you success.

                               NicaPro International Ltd


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