We often have some buyers asking us to provide past performance, or “sanitized” documents, such as BL's or SGS reports.  We do not supply any past history documents. Supplying this type of document is considered illegal under ICC rules. Most buyers asking for this kind of documentation are financially incapable to make the purchase. They often want the documents to take to their bank to obtain a loan. Little do they know, the banks will place no value on Past History Documents.

When we refuse to supply the documents we are often encouraged to “sanitize” these documents. Sanitized documents are mostly used by what we call “Flip – Artists”. Flip - Artists are “sellers” without sugar. They mostly offer unrealistically low prices and high commissions. Once they have a buyer who is gullible enough to issue a payment instrument to the “seller”, the scammer-seller tries to buy the sugar at the unrealistic prices he quoted. Most of the time, this is impossible and all the buyer will be left with is an expired financial instrument and expensive banking fees to pay.

We are frequently asked to provide sanitized Warehouse Receipts or Quantity & Quality certificates. These are valuable documents which could be used to defraud buyers. We therefore only issue not sanitized documents after the buyer provided satisfactory Proof of Funds. These documents are provided during the advanced stages of the purchase process. For any buyer or their agent to request these documents prior to the buyer issuing a LOI/ICPO and POF is unreasonable and unacceptable.

Buyers should be aware that quite often, “sellers” who provide sanitized documents, have no sugar they own or control.

We encourage all buyers to perform thorough due diligence.  We are able to provide ample information to the buyer at the time of the draft contract is issued. This information allows the buyer to obtain information about our organization. 

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