Below are the details of an outstanding trade opportunity for anyone with minimum investment of $/Euro 100M. 
It is done on MT799 Blocked Funds (not MT760) and funds can be blocked in any decent bank anywhere in the world.

SWIFT MT-799 Cash Funds required: 125 Million (LTV = 80%. This allows 100 Million to trade)

Minimum Amount: One Hundred Twenty Five Million to Five Billion (125M TO 5B+)

Banks: All major banks worldwide are accepted.

Pre-Advice SWIFT: Not necessary, not required, and not preferred.

When sending a Blocked-Funds SWIFT MT-799: The funds are not moved, but are blocked/reserved hold in the account of the client at the sending bank and the block/reserved SWIFT MT-799 is then used as negotiated (IT IS NON CALLABLE) collateral for the duration of the trading activity.  

Third Party Provider(s) Funds: Accepted.

Bank Instruments are not accepted but we may be able to arrange to have the instrument monetized and then trade the proceeds.  

PROFITS (1): 1-Week Bullet Trade Program (100% of the Face Value received, Historical) Then;

PROFIT (2): 10-Months Long-Term Trade Program (Monthly 100% of the Face Value received, Historical)

Pay-Out: All Profits Are paid out on a Weekly Basis (Bullet) and a Monthly Basis (Long Term Trade); The profit structure is clearly spelled out in full detail in the program agreement.  

COMPOUNDING: Further, although not necessary, the client has the option to re-invest a portion of client profits (compounding) into the next step of the multi-step program, as may be agreed between the parties. This option can greatly increase trade profits; also assistance with opening new profit receiving account(s) and additional corporate and trust services are available to the trading client(s).  

Interested inquires must be accompanied with the client full compliance review packages.  Submit: complete client information sheet (CIS), passport, and recent/current proof of funds (POF). A complete authority to verify (ATV) document is also required by compliance. 


Download for a Corporate Application:  

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Download for a Indiuvidual Application:

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Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding purchasing, leasing or monetizing a financial instrument.

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