Leasing - Monetizing or Leasing - Monetize - Trade is always a multi-step process:

  1. We will send the DOA and application procedure in this correspondence if the paying bank is approved. All Top 25 banks and some Top 50 banks are approved. Therefore, always check with us if the paying bank is among the approved banks.
  2. After the SBLC/BG is issued and paid for, it is sent to the monetizer by the client. Or the Lessor can send the SBLC/BG directly to the monetizer after payment if this is requested by the client. No SBLC/BG can be monetized unless it is fully paid for.
  3. Most monetizers are trade platforms and would like to see the resulting funds entered into a high yield trade program.
    I order to provide specific details we will require some information and work with you directly on trade options.
    Currently The LTV would be in the area of 60%± which is an extremely favorable return on a 12% investment.
  4. The specifics on the trade can only be determined based on which trading programs are available at the time of application.
    In general, 100% Gross and 80% net to the client per month are common.
    These returns can be enhanced if trades with Bullet programs are available.

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The bottom line is this:
IMPORTANT:  POF or ACTIVE line of credit documentation is required to be submitted with ALL applications.

  • Everything starts with a fully paid for SBLC/BG.
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  • The client must be able to produce evidence that the funds for leasing are available.
  • If a line of credit is used to pay for the SBLC/BG, the client / funder must be prepared to initiate the SWIFT exchange with the required MT199. Provider will never move first.
  • Leased instruments can be monetized, and it is a service we provide on a regular basis. (LTV depends on market condition and if the resulting funds will be traded.)
  • Very rarely a "One Step Lease - Monetize - Trade Package" becomes available. When it does a minimum SBLC/BG value of 250 million $/Euro is required.
    In some cases, we will be able accommodate needs with a smaller amount using the three-step method described above.
  • Our experienced consultants have access to all of the top monetizers and traders and will be glad to advise and guide you to ensure success.
  • A word of advice: Never pay upfront fees except directly to banks involved in sending your SWIFT.

We look forward to working with you and will always seek the best return for your investment. 

Thank you for your interest.

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