BPM Financial Services Ltd.
Excellent Trade Opportunity 

We have received many ineligible requests for this program. 
Unless you are able to provide all the required documents, please do not apply!
Please read the information below carefully. There can be no exceptions. Incomplete requests will be strictly ignored.
Thank you for understanding.

 New for 2024 - This is one trade platform that works a bit differently than others:

  1. Submissions are only CIS and Passport, and a current Proof of Funds, Proof of Life.
  2. Compliance will be done, and then a call will be arranged with the head of the Trading Group to speak directly to the Client, and or with his translator if required.  This is an introductory call to make sure that the client is aware their private documentation has been received and they did prepare it and sent it to (the name of the intermediary person who they sent it to must be known and they must acknowledge this person - in your case as you are closest to the Platform they must acknowledge Mr. A. G. (Full Name to be advised prior to call.) as having submitted their application).
  3. Compliance will be done on both the client and the funds, then another call will take place after they have been approved and receive the contract to discuss it, ask and answer questions. 
  4. If all goes well, arrangements, timetables will be agreed upon for a meeting in the client’s bank with his bank officer and the Trader / Trade Group Authorized Representative, to:
    a)  Go over the contract in front of the bank officer,
    b)  To sign it in front of the bank officer. 
    c)  Then they put a block on the funds (No Swifts are required), the block is done right there in the bank for one year and a day.
  5. Trading begins the next day.
  6. DB clients may also participate.
  7. Indicated returns 100% + gross per month with 70/30 split investor/platform.

 Regarding commissions: 
There is one percent for the Platform Side and one percent for the Investors side beginning with myself. We must get FPA from client for the 1% and Genealogy of all intermediaries to share in it.

 I need the genealogy at the time of the KYC in order to make the FPA.

 This program has the simplest procedures currently available and generally top 100 banks in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore etc. are workable.     

Hong Kong, Chinese, Mid East, African, Indian, South/Central American banks are not accepted.