The financial markets have changed completely during the past six months. Most national economies are struggling due to high unemployment, low national production, travel restrictions and health care costs.
This has resulted in extremely high demand for PPP and Small Cap Trade Programs.

We will try to provide important information about trade programs.


PPP Trades can be varied in trade types. Participation requirements and returns.

Experienced investors who have invested in PPP (100 Million USD and up) know what is required and what can be expected. They fully understand that applying for acceptance into a trade program does not mean automatic acceptance only because one has the funds available. Traders will select clients on based on many parameters including the quality of the bank holding clients funds.


Small Cap Trades come in many versions. Like PPP Trades Small Cap Trades are by invitation only. Only because you have money and you apply, does not mean you’ll be invited to participate.

Due to the high demand, traders will select the investors with the higher amount to be traded to “go to the front of the line”.  Clients with One Million $/Euro may have a difficult time to be accepted. The demand is such that many traders are now setting a 5 million lower limit and when these applications have been accepted, work their way down in order of investment value and client bank quality.

Returns vary from program to program but all of them will post higher returns than bank interest rates.


  • We try to match each investor with the trade program that best matches their needs.
  • We work with Trade Platforms known to have performed well over the past few years.
  • In order to know which program matches the investors needs or to design a custom trade we need specific information.
    >>> Please complete the Questionnaire accessible via this link. <<<  Without this we cannot assist.
    Once we receive the request form, our staff will review and evaluate the information and contact you to discuss your options.
    (Please do not email us with questions about bank acceptance or program details.)


The following are standard requirements for any trade application. These requirements are the same for all trade platforms and are set by international banking regulators.

  1. KYC – This may be in a specific format for a specific trade. Always use the template you receive from us. (The KYC must be hand signed in wet blue ink. Cut and paste is not permitted.)
  2. POF – The Proof of Funds must accompany the KYC and must be:
    a.) A Tear sheet on bank stationary – signed by one or two banking officers.
    b.) A letter issued by the bank holding the funds stating the amount available for investment.
    c.) A recent bank account statement.
    IMPORTANT:  POF or ACTIVE line of credit documentation is required to be submitted with ALL applications.
  3. POL – Proof of Life is a photo of the KYC Signatory holding up a current Newspaper with the date clearly visible and circled in RED ink on the photo.
  4. Copies of 2 Bank Officers Business cards.

Should you wish to trade funds, please start by clicking on the link to the request form.


You must provide all the information on the request form.
This will save time and avoid unnecessary delays by providing the information we need to respond.

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